Wiveliscombe Tennis Club – Information for members on changes to Corona Virus restrictions 16.5.2020.   (Updated 1.6.2020)

This information sets out the basis on which limited access to the courts can be resumed. Please do not consider using the courts until you have read, digested and committed to following all the advice set out below.

Access will be for members only. There will be no access for visitors or guests.

At all times members must comply fully with social distancing regulations of a minimum of two metres between people who are not part of the same household.

Before coming to the courts players should ensure that they have thoroughly washed their hands. Hand sanitizer should be used before touching any door handles, keypads or gate handles.

There will be no organised club sessions until further notice.

During play social distancing at 2m must be observed. There can be no shaking of hands or high fives. Take particular care to maintain distance when changing ends. When playing doubles be aware of the LTA advice to “consider agreeing in advance which player will take the shot if the ball travels to the centre of the court”.

Players must maintain distance from players on other courts and therefore be mindful when running towards the edge of the court or when retrieving balls. Care must be taken to maintain distance when entering and leaving the courts.

Players may only use their own equipment (rackets, balls etc.). Unless they are from the same household all players in a game of should have their own balls and for each game only the server’s balls are used. Players should only touch their own balls and if returning a ball to a partner or opponent it should be flicked with the rackets and not picked up. It is recommended that players mark their own balls with indelible ink.

Players should only enter the clubhouse if it is essential to do so, for example to collect the court key or turn on the floodlights. There should never be more than one person in the clubhouse. Only use the toilets if you really have to. The first aid kit is available in case of emergency. Please do not use any of the kitchen facilities.

Please will you pay particular attention to the need to maintain social distancing when arriving especially if there is a need to wait for a court to become available. Everyone will need to exercise common sense here and in the unlikely event of people having to wait it may be better to go away and come back later. Equally players on court will need to be mindful if others are waiting and not play too long.

Coaches will be following the LTA guidance. For more information on coaching contact Andrew, Ivor or Alex.

Please do not sit on any of the benches.

Spectators should only be present if they are parents /carers and then only singly.

Our club is not staffed. Members of the committee will visit to clean and disinfect but we ask all players to use disinfectant to spray down all surfaces and handles that they touch (both in the clubhouse and on the courts).

Disinfectant and hand sanitizer is provided but as it can be difficult to find supplies players are asked to bring their own.

The nets have been set to the correct height and the winders removed.

As some members may not have their own tennis balls a carton containing tubes of new balls will be in the clubhouse. Members may take a tube on condition that they pay  £5 into the club bank account (Sort code 30-98-90 account no 17378060 ref – your initials +balls). If this system works we will replace the carton when empty.

Access will be for members only. There will be no access for visitors or guests. Members are only those people who have completed the membership form and paid their subscriptions for the current year (April 2020 – March 2021). The membership form can be found on our website. Because of the period of court closure subs for this year will be reduced by £10 per month (£1 for juniors) for every month without play. Players wishing to join now or at any time during June may reduce their subs by £20 (£2 for juniors). There may well be players who are self isolating or just not comfortable with the idea of returning to tennis quite yet. Those people are welcome to re-join when they are ready and the offer of £10 off for each month without play will still stand. Those people who have already paid for the full year will receive the appropriate rebate off next year’s subscription.

On the basis of the restrictions outlined above the tennis club will be open from 9.00am on Sunday 17th May.

I realise that this has been a long document with a lot of information and I am most grateful to you for having had the patience to read right to the end. In making these arrangements the committee have done our best adapt the LTA guidance to the realities of our club and to achieve something that is sensible and workable. I know that there will be differences of opinion and that some of you will think we have got some things wrong but I do sincerely believe that working together in a spirit of cooperation and consideration we can make this work.

Finally, do bear in mind that this is a changing situation. We will be sending updates as appropriate and I recommend that you also keep a close eye on the LTA website.

Stay well, keep fit.

Eddie East (Chair of Wiveliscombe Tennis Club)