This year’s summer season kicks off with our annual Open Day on Sunday 7th April, with players of all ages invited to join in the fun and get set for the many events planned for the rest of the year.

The Member’s Dinner at the White Hart on Friday 29th March  acts as a taster for what’s to follow, including a new addition to the calendar of a Newcomers’ Day to help new members get settled in.

Sunday 7th April:                       Open Day                                             10.00am onwards

Sunday 14th April:                     Newcomer’s Day                                 10.00am onwards

Sunday 19th May:                      Mixed Doubles tournament            10.00am onwards

Sunday 30th June:                    Ladies’s Doubles tournament         10.00am onwards

Sunday 7th July:                        Men’s Doubles tournament             10.00am onwards

Sunday 1st September:             End of Summer event                      10.00am onwards

Sunday 3rd November:            Winter tournament                          10.00am onwards

All members are invited to take part in every event – if your gender doesn’t fit, you can always offer support.