Against the background of a smouldering bonfire, Mary Hughes and David Face won the honours in the Winter Tournament blessed with unseasonal sun.
Neither the smoke from the two-day-old fire, the previous day’s heavy rain nor the leaves covering the courts deterred the eight teams of men and women from enjoying a splendid morning in the sun.
David had joined other players with leaf-blowers and brushes on court before the event got under way, while Mary’s new hairstyle provided a touch of glamour to an occasion well organised by Alison Yeomans.  Sue Tout and Steve Harknett were runners-up, while Barry Eaton and Mirren Boyle were honoured with a trophy for their plucky participation.
On Bonfire Night itself, Sara Dove, Ann Parker and Jeremy Toye served a splendid range of cakes to revellers on the tennis club stall, raising over £125 towards the upkeep of the Rec.
1. Winter sun shines on all
2. Mary and David with celebratory LTA beermats
3. Alison presents Barry and Mirren with their trophy
4. Sara and Ann with cakes